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Why is Awareness Needed?

  • Alabama is one of the top three states with the highest rate of death from cervical cancer
  • Alabama is one of the top four states with the highest rate of death from ovarian cancer
  • There is no early detection/screening test for ovarian cancer. It is usually found in stage 3c and has a high recurrence and mortality rate.
  • Women need to know the signs and symptoms of all GYN cancers
  • Groundbreaking research is happening throughout the State of Alabama

The Laura Crandall Brown Foundation works to increase awareness about GYN cancers and their signs and symptoms, as well as encouraging women to know their bodies and what is normal for them.  Some of our awareness activities include

  • Statewide Speaker's Bureau
  • Awareness Integration with Corporate Wellness Programming
  • Targeted Outreach
  • Public Awareness Campaign

If you would like for us to participate in your organization's health fair or have a speaker come to your office please click here for more information and to request a speaker.  

We also head up a lighting campaign in September to bring awareness to GYN cancers.  Click here for more information on this campaign.