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Kelly's Story


In September 2001, I had all the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. In six months, I had gained 110 pounds, had indigestion every day, and felt bloated all the time. I had abdominal pressure, urinary urgency, pelvic discomfort, fatigue, and lower back pain. However, in my mind, all of this was because I was pregnant.

I never saw my cancer diagnosis coming, but during my C-section, my doctor saw something and chose to remove it because of my family history. Less than twenty-four hours later, I learned it was ovarian cancer. The next week I saw a GYN oncologist who provided all the details of my diagnosis – I had ovarian serous carcinoma stage 2B. We agreed on a treatment plan of a total hysterectomy followed by six rounds of chemotherapy.

After my diagnosis, people told me how “lucky” I was that my cancer was discovered in such a unique way. Had this not happened, it could have been many years before my cancer was diagnosed, and then it would have been too late for curative treatment.

Women shouldn’t have to depend on “luck” to survive ovarian cancer.

Early detection is the key to beating this disease, which is one of the reasons I believe in the work that LCBF does. The earlier a woman is diagnosed, the earlier she can start treatment and the longer her life expectancy will be. I know – I’m a thirteen year survivor.  Please join me in supporting the Laura Crandall Brown Foundation in their mission of research, awareness, and support – because every woman deserves the chance to fight it, to beat it, to live.