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Talking With Your Kids

Chances are if you are looking at this, you have had much to absorb yourself about your diagnosis, treatment, and how to cope with it. AND you need to know how to talk with your kids.

We’ve pulled together some resources that may help you. Most of the information is free and is shipped free of charge from the provider or can be downloaded. If you go to the websites, it is very easy to click and preview the materials. We will order some of these to have on hand, but you can also order them directly.



  • Good book for young kids that often opens the way for conversation: Nowhere Hair by Sue Gladner ($16; available on Amazon.com)

  • CancerCare has free booklets and good advice
    Go to http://www.cancercare.org/tagged/childrenor call 1-800-813-4673


Information from your American Cancer Society


The ACS has multiple resources on helping children when a parent or family member has cancer.